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Tapas is a thriving, friendly community of yoga students of all stripes. Our expert instructors offer unique sequencing, diverse styles, and always positive energy! At our two locations, tapas yoga shala (Rock Island, Illinois) and tapas hot yoga (Bettendorf, Iowa) we offer options for everyone including hot yoga, all-level vinyasa classes, beginner yoga, Zen Barre, Yin Yoga & Reiki, and the only Guided Self Practice program in the Quad Cities area, teaching Ashtanga & Vinyasa Krama style yoga.

The sustained practice of yoga yields new vistas of physical health, emotional stability, and mental calm. The practice eventually provides us the opportunity to see through the workings of our own minds, to root our experience in the present moment and to simply observe, with clarity and compassion, the life process.

Why Tapas?

“I love Tapas! Evan and Kelly are wonderful teachers. At Tapas, from your first visit, you become a part of the community. Everyone is so friendly. I had no idea what Ashtanga Yoga was when I first came, but I’ve been hooked since my first class!”

Why Tapas?

I love hot yoga here! I have been coming for years now and it never gets boring because each instructor is unique.


Are you ready to level up some skills you’ve been wanting to improve? This course includes technique video AND practice sequences to help you keep moving, from the comfort of your home and at your own pace!

Topics include accessing deepening core strength, skills for developing seated and standing jumps, and full practice sequences designed to help you integrate these skills.
With our new online platform, you can begin the course at any time and work through the content at your own pace. The course also includes printable documents with bonus lessons and practice log sheets. You also have access to our exclusive Facebook group where you can learn from other jumpers, ask questions and enjoy weekly Facebook lives with Kelly.

Ready to Begin?

30 Days of Unlimited Yoga Class for Only $50!

Rhythm, Routine, and Ritual

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