Tapas is a thriving, friendly community of yoga students of all stripes. Our expert instructors offer unique sequencing, diverse styles and always positive energy! At our two locations, tapas yoga shala (Rock Island, Illinois) and tapas hot yoga (Bettendorf, Iowa) we offer options for everyone including hot yoga, all-level vinyasa classes, beginner yoga, Zen Barre, Yin Yoga & Reiki, and the only Guided Self Practice program in the Quad Cities area, teaching Ashtanga & Vinyasa Krama style yoga.

The sustained practice of yoga yields new vistas of physical health, emotional stability, and mental calm. The practice eventually provides us the opportunity to see through the workings of our own minds, to root our experience in the present moment and to simply observe, with clarity and compassion, the life process.

Why Tapas?

“I love Tapas! Evan and Kelly are wonderful teachers. At Tapas, from your first visit, you become a part of the community. Everyone is so friendly. I had no idea what Ashtanga Yoga was when I first came, but I’ve been hooked since my first class!”

Why Tapas?

I love hot yoga here! I have been coming for years now and it never gets boring because each instructor is unique.

Upcoming workshops

Wednesdays 6:00 – 7:15pm | Tapas Yoga Shala, Rock Island | May 15-June 6

Intro to Ashtanga with Evan and Kelly Harris

Learn and feel confident in the Ashtanga Primary Series through this four session workshop. The focus will be on the mechanics and flow of the series to feel the practice as it should be and to assist in memorization. It will be fun!

This is an ALL-LEVELS course, which is ideal for beginners, former Intro to Ashtanga students or experienced yogis looking to learn about Ashtanga.

Evan and Kelly Harris are the foremost Ashtanga Yoga teachers in the quad cities region. They have attended 3 months study at the Ashtanga Yoga Research institute in Mysore, India and have been trained to teach Primary, Intermediate and Advances A by their teacher, Matthew Sweeney.

Course fee: $50

An Open Letter to Yoga Instructors

We all want the best for our students, I wholeheartedly believe that, but let me tell you yoga teachers: there’s a better way. It’s time to really ask yourself: What am I here for? When students are taught and master fundamental skill sets, are allowed to develop...

Ten Years of Tapas

The yoga tradition is filled with colorful “origin” stories, of how yoga practitioners and teachers came to the practice. One example: Around the turn of the first millennium, a peasant fisherman in the Bay of Bengal - known to legend as Matsyendra, the Lord of the...