Our environment matters. Setting up your practice space in a supportive way is at least as important as the practice you do there. You want a space that you want to be in. You want a space that soothes and inspires. And a home practice space is ideal because you have complete control over it. Here are some tips for setting up your space:


  1. Start small. You need enough space for your mat plus a little room around it. This can be achieved in an unused corner or along a wall. If you have a whole room to dedicate, do so, but it’s not necessary.
  2. Clean. Declutter. Sweep and mop. Dust. This will begin the process of nurturing your space and connect you with it on a deeper level. This space is important and can be cared for as such.
  3. Make it special. Bring in a small number of special items to really make the space your own. A picture or poster. A plant. A treasured keepsake. These items might be yoga-related, but they also might not. Pick things that give you “the feels” to deepen your connection with the space.
  4. Manage time. You will need to make choices about how to track time in your space. If you are doing online classes the time will be tracked for you. If you have a small bedside clock find a spot for it. Figuring out a way to leave your phone outside of your practice space is highly recommended.
  5. Sanctify the space. Once you have your space cleaned and organized, choose some simple way to sanctify it. Play a song. Do a short practice. Burn some sage. Light a candle. Meditate. Choose anything you like as way to say “This is now my special space.”
  6. Nurture. As you practice and grow into your space, feel free to continue to adjust, add to, and deepen it. Keep it clean. Mark anniversaries or other special days. Add keepsakes when you feel moved to do so. This will be a new element of practice that will grow naturally over time.