Tapas Reform

4872 Forest Grove, Bettendorf, IA

Achieve Core Stability

Enhance Mobility

Develop Muscular Strength

Maintain a Healthy Posture

Reformer Pilates

Focus on core strength and muscle engagement

We offer the Pilates Reformer experience in small group, private and semi private settings.  It’s an excellent workout for people of all fitness levels as exercises, equipment and the level of resistance can be modified for the individual, within the group setting.

Classes and sessions at  Reform utilize movement systems like pilates, yoga and strength training and are designed to better our everyday life and well being.  Support better living in and awareness of the body through attention to breath awareness, precision movement and guidance from our encouraging staff. A regular practice encourages strong, lean muscles, facilitates muscle activation to support proper spinal alignment and posture.

Develop Strength and Stability

Push and pull against resistance for a full body workout

Reformer sessions are perfect for folks looking for overall toning, sport specific training, rehabilitating from injuries or a low impact, full body workout.

Pilates targets both upper and lower body while creating more stability in the core, providing a comprehensive workout. You’ll experience Increased flexibility, muscular strength and endurance and improved mind/body connection. 

Tapas Reform

Tapas Reform

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