How We’re Adding Value

It’s so easy to ignore value and fixate on price. When you are a mover and a doer, it’s such a simple slide to think only about what you are paying and not about what you are getting. We have been hard at work building value into our offerings at Tapas.

Side note: before we get into the new and coming value remember that yoga is, by itself, immensely valuable. It has been shown to reduce stress, pain, and tension and increase strength, mobility, and well-being. As just one small example: the NIH reports that among adults who practice yoga, 86% experienced reduced stress, 67% felt better emotionally, and 63% were more motivated to keep up regular exercise. Health is priceless.

Remember early 2020? It’s hazy, I know. Back then, at Tapas Yoga we had great value to offer: excellent instruction, immaculate facilities, and friendly support. Yoga students could access these services multiple times a day: just choose your class time, come to the studio, and walk out feeling calm and strong. 

Now, just seven months later, we’ve changed that arrangement for the better. With most of our classes being livestreamed, we’ve eliminated the need to come to the studio to access high quality yoga instruction. Students can now access our yoga medicine at all of our class times from anywhere. Same price, endless locations. 

Coming soon we’re adding more. What if our yoga wasn’t just available from anywhere but was available at any time? This is our next 2020 innovation. Look for a roll-out of 24 hour replay in the next month. All livestreamed classes will be available for the following 24 hours. This means once you register for class (using our new tiered pricing system – link) you can access that class from anywhere (via livestream) at any time (via replay). 

Recap: 2020 has brought Tapas Yoga from yoga in studio and scheduled times to yoga anywhere, at any time. Thanks, 2020.