Wellness Challenge Day 5: Change mindset
Change is a big part of wellness. When we are interested in our wellness, we find ourselves working on change – changing our habits for the better. Bringing clarity to this very process of change itself can help us avoid a “New Years resolution” attitude about change – that change is sudden, permanent, and based on willpower – which tends to prohibit us from really understanding how healthly change can happen.

Start with mindset. Coach yourself. But don’t only focus on what, how, and why you want to make this change, instead create a storyline in which you can and will make this change.

Next, choose the easiest change you can make that moves you in the direction you want. Don’t try for something big and sudden, instead choose the 1%, easiest change you can make to get a sense of accomplishment and momentum.

Lastly, choose a timeline. Make a date with yourself in a week or two to sit down and check in on this change, celebrate progress, and refine whatever can be improved. Repeat these steps as bit-by-bit goals become reality.